Goals around new year

Hey there fellow goal setters? Ready to start your new goals on January the 1st? Well… Don’t!!!
I’d rather start them before or after. Of course there’s something in the New Year about letting go of the past and embracing the new that can help with your goal setting. But then again: don’t expect to much of it. It’s easy to think about hard goals and imagine they will be more doable in the new year. But let’s face it:

You might just find yourself in a bit of a funk in the new year(the holidays are over, it might be raining etc) which is not really great for starting new ambitious goals.
And you will just be the same person in 2017. At least, you won’t be better equipped to tackle those goals just because 23.59.59 ticked away and 00.00.01 brought you into 2017.
So what will help you with tackling those goals? You know that already if you’re a part of this group: Smart habits, a strong routine, discipline and hard work. That will help you reach more goals than anything!
Bottom line: sure, set those new years resolutions, get energised by the process. I do it too! But make sure you keep working toward your goals just like you do in every other part of the year.
Oh and if you want to start some new things exactly on January the 1st, I want to tempt you to start a few days before. That way you can show yourself that’s you’re totally able to do this new thing. That will boost your confidence for your ‘real’ start on the 1st. Also, when you do fail in the few last days of the old year, it’s not so bad. You were only trying out, right? When you’d fail with something on the 1st of January that could be a major bummer, right?
Example: I wanna run a marathon in 2017. I’ve gotta go put in the training in the early morning due to the rest of my schedule. That means cold, wet early morning runs. It will take some getting used to for sure! I can start the new schedule in January, of course. I am committed though to start this Christmas. I can’t think of a day I’d rather not start with running in the dark. So if I can do that, the rest of my workouts will be easier. And come January, I KNOW I’m able to rise and run like a pro 🙂
Well, those are my thoughts on the subject, people! I’d love to hear yours!
Best of luck with that fancy new year we’re gonna get!!

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