Happy New Year

Dear friends,
For the new year, I hope all will go well for you… Or, wait a minute… All? Better be careful with what we wish, it might come true…
What kind of person would you be if everything went right for you? If from the day you were born everything would come easily?
A spoiled, weak one? Right! We need challenges and even failure. Therefore I wish you…

Victories to enjoy and defeats to learn from.
Success to build your confidence and failure to keep you modest.
Success to make you feel good now and failure to make you feel good later.
Success to celebrate and failure to learn from.
Deep valleys to make you appreciate high peaks.
Stormy seas to make you a great sailor.
Cold days to make you appreciate the sunshine.
Long, hard searches that will give you so much joy when you find what you’re looking for.
Rain when you want to go outside for a run, so you’ll be so proud when you did.
Preparations that fall short so you’ll prepare even better next time.
I wish you all the success in the world. But may all your victories be hard-won ones, may all your celebrations be hard-earned ones, because they’ll be so much better!
This New Years’ I’ll toast to YOUR success!
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