My MM items – The Wobl watch

You don’t need much to start with Miracle Morning. A few things might proof useful though. In this series of blogs I’ll explain a little about what items I use.

This time: My alarm clock, the Wobl watch.

Naturally I already had an alarm clock, which worked fine. Set an alarm on my phone. Sleep. Alarm goes off. Wake up… you know the dead!

A separate alarm clock does have it’s advantages however. I no longer have the temptation of checking facebook or sending messages right before I fall asleep. Or even worse, right after waking up. (If you start of your day by checking your phone, you’ll likely be doing it all day.)

Apart from that this watch shaped alarm clock has another plus. It has a vibrate function. Getting up early is great, but you have to choose it. I chose it, my wife didn’t! She finds the whole MM thing, nice and seeing as I love it, she likes it. But she gets up on her own time and as you can imagine being woken up at 5 by my alarm isn’t ideal.

Wobl watch to the rescue. Set the time you want to wake up and it wakes you by vibrating for a maximum of 20 seconds. It’s great for me, cause now I can sneak out of bed and start my MM without waking my family!

Next time in this series: My journal!

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