This blog could’ve been called “thumbs up” or “great job”. Just a couple of phrases you might hear or say while exercising.  I’m baffled. Normally you need something to produce energy. A car needs fuel, and without food I don’t walk as fast.


But a thumbs up from a fellow athlete? Costs nothing but gives me at least an extra kilometre of energy! I was running earlier. Just to have something to do. Halfway through I did my burpees (I’m on day 29 of my burpees challenge). The more hidden recreational area was closed so I did them on the bike path next to the road.

It feels a bit weird at times, but that’s not a valid reason not to do them. When I was halfway finished with them, just when I really started to feel them, to rbikeracers came by. One of them shouted a well-meant “respect!”. Let it be clear, the rest of the burpees were done in no time!

Great, the way that works, little effort, big joy! My (completely free) tip is, if you see someone hard at work, give them a compliment. Not just while exercising but in general life. It doesn’t hurt you, but it makes them better!

Good luck and have fun!


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