We are born in a clear field but die in a dark forest.

This quote (by Robbert Harris) kept me busy for quite a while. It seems
gloomy, yet I like it. And even if you are really positive minded, there is
truth to it. As a child everything seems easy, but as you grow up, more
problems present themselves.

However, in this quote the problems are described as trees. This is great
as it brings the solution for those problems as well. In the quote, but
also in real life!


Because what happens if you get on top of your problems? You get to see the
big picture. You are no longer overwhelmed, but can see the end of the
problems. You rise above them and are therefore able to get a good look at
them and make plans to solve the problem at hand.

So get a little crazy, climb trees again, get on top of your problems. I
promise you, the view from the top of a high tree is much better than the
view from the ground..!

And for some extra leverage: which trees give the best view? That’s right,
the biggest trees. So always solve your biggest problem first. Climb the
biggest tree first. Or, as Brian Tracy would say, when presented with
multiple frogs to swallow, swallow the nastiest looking frog first. 🙂

Happy frog hunting, happy climbing and happy problem solving!

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